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Boat Oar Accessories – Fun vs. Functional


While many accessories you may purchase for your boat are a necessity, there are others that are more for fun and convenience than for functionality. For example, boat oar accessories are not usually a compulsory product for the use of a boat. However, many people choose to purchase boat oar accessories for purpose of decoration, ease of use, or other convenience.

One example of boat oar accessories that tends to be quite popular is the oar rest. This sort of product allows for a particular positioning of the oar while you paddle so that excess strength is not wasted holding up the paddle and all energy can be placed into actually moving the boat. Also, most oar rests have an easy storage position for the oars that locks them securely in place out of your way when not in use but makes them quickly and easily accessible in an instant when needed.

Other boat oar accessories may include an oar box, an enclosure into which you can place your oars so that they are protected from the weather and other external elements. These are usually some sort of metal encasement that is weatherproof entirely, assuming that you may have wooden oars that could warp in the sun or the rain. Some boat oar accessories are simple decorations, such as decals for your oars that will brighten them or stick advertisements on them. These are definitely more for fun than functionality, since the stickers will quickly begin to peel and fade as your oars get wet when you go out to the lake.

Some boat oar accessories may actually be for the protection of your oars as well. For example, if you are using wooden oars, you may want to opt for some kind of sealant, much like what you would use on a brand new wooden fence, so that rain and lake water won’t cause heavy discoloration, warping, and eventual splitting of the wood. Without such protection on a wooden oar, it is not likely to last very long in the elements.

You can find all sorts of accessories for your boat, and many of them come in handy and may be almost necessary, like certain mirrors when using the boat for certain purposes. However, boat oar accessories are rarely necessary and are more for the sport and show of the boat than for functional purposes. Still, your boat is your investment, and you can do with it what you wish, so there is no reason not to get whatever boat oar accessories you like for your boat.

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