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From jet skis to yachts to passenger cruise ships and used boats, you can bid on it all. There are bank repossessions, foreclosures, government seized vessels and brokerage boats.
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Jon Boat Covers for Preservation


To understand why Jon boat covers are so necessary for the preservation of your water vessel, you must first know a little bit about the Jon boat itself. If you are unfamiliar with the material and style of the boat, you can possibly understand the need for such a cover, and you would be hard pressed to choose from among the many options which Jon boat covers are right for your particular watercraft.

Jon boat covers are made especially for Jon boats. These particular vehicles are made of either wood or aluminum and are flat-bottomed boats generally used for fishing. They are typically designed with one, two, or three benches for fishermen to sit on and have an outboard motor that is mounted onto a transom. Usually, Jon boats are not expensive, they are simple to use, and they are quite easy to maintain, if you have the proper items with which to care for them. Because they are so simple, Jon boat covers offer a quick, easy solution for preventative maintenance.

Why are Jon boat covers so important if these boats are not very expensive to begin with? Remember, Jon boats are generally constructed from either aluminum or wood. First of all, this means that they are not meant to be kept in the water, only taken out when it’s time to fish. Secondly, Jon boats are extremely susceptible to the elements. Aluminum can rust quite easily in heavy and consistent rains, and wood will become heavily warped, causing possibilities of holes in the boat that can lead to leakage and even sinking. Using Jon boat covers can help prevent such occurrences by protecting the boat from the elements in the first place, keeping the boat dry in the rain, even if you simply have it stored outdoors in your open backyard.

While you could use a generic tarp or other type of boat cover, getting the ones made specifically for Jon boats will assure that there is no way for the weather to get inside because the shape and size will be fitted to your Jon boat. It will also help keep out other pesky things, such as insects, dirt, and other elements that are just as detrimental to the condition of the boat as the weather.

If you intend to be economical and buy a Jon boat, then be reasonable and also purchase Jon boat covers. While the boat is not a huge investment, it can last many years if you properly care for it and maintain it, especially using preventative measures such as covers.

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