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Why to Use Pontoon Boat Covers


Whether referring to storage covers or sun shields, there are many different pontoon boat covers for which you can opt. Shaped to fit the pontoon structure, pontoon boat covers come in various sizes to custom fit your boat for great coverage and protection. If you are looking for a top to shade the boat from the sun, other covers are available in the form of bimini tops as well, acting like porticos for your boat.

Pontoon boat covers can also be found in a variety of materials, with many being fabricated from marine grade polyester. Others are available in canvas, a sturdy, thick material that is virtually impermeable. Often, you can find different colors available as well, with some being custom made with designs of your choice. What is the need for a cover, and how much do they cost?

Pontoon boat covers are made to secure your pontoon boat against the elements, including inclement weather, brilliant hot sun, dirt and dust, other particles in the air, and even large amounts of insects. Even kept in a storage facility, insects and dust can infest an uncovered boat, and your pontoon boat is too large an investment and too important as part of your recreational lifestyle to allow such destructive material to overtake your boat.

In regards to pontoon boat covers as sun shades, these are especially important since pontoon boats are usually taken out in the summer for entire days, with you and your friends or family in the heat and brilliance of the sun for several hours. Without a top on the boat, there is no relief from the heat and UV rays, meaning that you can easily become dehydrated, even with lots of water to drink, and sunburned, even if you have sunblock that you reapply frequently.

Pontoon boat covers like bimini tops are typically made of canvas because the material stretches taut across the top of the pole structure that holds it up as a canopy. It is also a great solution for days when an unexpected rain occurs while you’re on the lake and it takes some time to get back to land. You can at least shelter for a brief storm or find some safety beneath the top as you head back home.

Using either of these types of pontoon boat covers can save a lot of pain and hassle in the future, preserving the unharmed state of your boat and helping to keep you out of harm’s way in the hot summer months when you most enjoy your time on the water.

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