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When Choosing Boat Covers, Canvas Can’t Be Beat


If you are in the market for boat covers, canvas is the way to go. This sturdy, heavy duty material will give your boat the best protection possible from the sun and other weather, as well as any other uncontrollable elements and factors. In terms of boat covers, canvas is the heaviest, thickest material available and will assure good preservation of your boat.

Canvas is actually made of cotton and is woven in a very simple under-over tight weave. As a cloth and for boat covers, canvas comes in two different types: plain and Duck, with the threads of the Duck canvas being more tightly woven. It is also graded in two ways, by weight and by number. The numbers are in reverse of the weight, so a higher number equals a lighter material.

In the past, canvas was made of linen and was not as good of a solution for boat covers. Canvas today, however, is made of cotton, referred to since the early 20th century as “cotton duck”. This material has a tighter, more mechanical weave and stretches more, meaning that you can get a tighter fit around your boat for greater security against water, dirt, and other external factors.

While canvas is not impenetrable, it will last for years with no risk of leakage. It is only after years of using boats covers canvas will become permeable and perhaps allow some elements to pierce between its threads. This is true of all material, having stretched out over time and widened the weaving between threads. Because of its tight weave and heavy weight, especially in boat covers, canvas will last a lot longer before this occurs than most materials.

Canvas is used for many other things besides storage boat covers. Canvas can also make an excellent canopy for your boat, much like a bimini top, helping to shade you from the sun while you are out on the lake. It is also used by artists because of its thickness and ability to stretch. This makes the media on which the paint goes smoother and slightly porous, absorbing the oil paint better and more evenly.

By the same token, when choosing boat covers, canvas allows for a more solid, even covering of your boat, and you can dye or paint it much like an oil painting so that you can give it style and flash. After all, even when your boat is covered, it should be eye catching. In regards to boat covers, canvas gives you a lot of options and a great sense of contentment with little worry about how well your boat is protected.

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