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Wooden Boat Building Methods


The oldest type of material used to build a boat is wood. Wooden boat building has been around for centuries although; these designs have greatly changed throughout the years. There are several different types of wooden boat building designs available making it easy to find the style that you can benefit from the most.

Each type of wooden boat building design has its own special benefits and disadvantages. For instance, wooden boats require a great deal of maintenance to keep them in good shape. Of course, with all the modern technology this is not as difficult as it was in years past. A few of the methods used for building a wooden boat is listed below.

Stitch and Glue Method

There is a big difference between the stitch and glue method of wooden boat building and other methods. The stitch and glue method is faster and easier to build than some of the others partly because they don’t require a building mold. They also use fewer parts and have proven to be easier to keep up. Epoxy is what is used to seal the parts together which create a very strong bond.

A quick run through of the main steps involved in the stitch and glue wooden boat building method includes cutting out the bottom and side panels. Next stitch them together at the seams using baling wire. This will hold the boat together while the epoxy glue is applied and cured after which, the wires can be removed. The epoxy is applied to the seam of the boat and layered with fiberglass tape to strengthen.

Other Wooden Boat Building Methods

Most all other boat building methods need a mold to help you fit the design together. For example, take a look at the wooden plank on frame design. It usually requires the use of a complex building mold to help shape the design. However, for some of the very small boats the mold can be eliminated.

The traditional Carvel and Lapstrake are two more well-known designs. The Carvel requires no adhesives such as epoxy glue when designing the shell of the boat but it can be used in other parts. The same can be said for the lapstrake design.

You don’t have to be a skilled craftsman to do wooden boat building. You simple need a basic skill in using both hand and power tools. Plus you also need a place to build the boat, the materials needed and the time to work on the boat. It is easy to find instructions giving you the specifics relating to the design and order in which you need to build. There are even companies available that will custom build a wooden boat for you if this is something you would love to have, but just don’t have the time to do it yourself.

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