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´╗┐Boat Fishing


Boat fishing is one of the more pleasurable pursuits for your free time. And there are lots of different boat fishing trips you can go on. Whether it is a slow lazy trip down an inland river, or a more up-tempo sea fishing trip. There is a boat that will suit your needs.

How about boat fishing on a nice 33ft boat, with an amazing 350hp sabre turbo engine. This boat will give you a really comfortable smooth ride for your first boat fishing trip. Imagine being able to travel at up to 18 knots, and as so well suited to the sea that goes well both at anchor, and even when drifting over wrecks. Plenty of space on board both for you and you equipment. There is also the latest navigation equipment on board so there is no chance of drifting off course. It also has colour fish finder, GPS and plotter.

There is also all the safety equipment that you could need, which includes Radar , 2 fixed VHF radios plus there is also a portable, lifejackets, and even a liferaft, with flares should any event arise you are covered for them and can enjoy your boat fishing experience with peace of mind. There is even a cabin heater to get warmth back into your hands and if your trip is during summer and you are fishing for bass there is even a live bait tank.

If that kind of boat fishing is not what you want how about doing your boat fishing trip on a fold up boat. They are ideal for getting into small lakes where other fishermen may not go. They are more stable than a rigid boat when strong waves slam against the side of your flexi-hull made of polypropylene flexes inwards by about 12%. It is virtually impossible to capsize this little boat; it gives far greater security for you than your old style aluminium or fibreglass hull. This fold up boat design offers unique stability, and its concave cupped bottom locks onto the waters surface, and yet just as easily glides over logs and obstructions, even if you are caught in high winds.

Whichever craft you choose to go on your boat fishing trip I am sure it will be a wonderful experience. But before you buy a boat to go on your special boat fishing trip, have a good look around at the vast array of craft there are to choose from. Be it that you want a luxury craft or you can only stretch at the moment to a second hand model.

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