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from: It is very important to know your boat. Every power boat part is important in maintaining its peak performance. It is up to you to examine them, maintain maintenance and upkeep and repair when necessary.

The very first thing you must do is READ YOUR BOAT MANUAL. Pay particular attention to what the “ideal” boat resembles then determine where and how your power boat parts fit into the picture.
What you need to do if to go over the boat from stem to stern and top to bottom, examining it for any indications of problems. You should begin with the hull.
How long can you tread water? Hulls are the most important part of any boat. Without a solid hull, you will at least leak if you don’t sink first. A power boat must have a fair and true hull.
Examine it for any signs of damage. Are there any scars, concentric circles, pantings or oil canning? Is there any indication of weeping? If you clean and hulls need to be cleaned and waxed to slow down any chalkiness arising from the slow degradation of fiberglass, check for any early signs of problems.
If there are scratches on the gel coat, have they penetrated beneath the surface? Is there crazing – the fine cracks running across the surface? What about stress cracking? If you are thorough in checking each and every one of the power boat parts comprising the hull, you might just be able to prevent any serious damage from developing.
Look out for corrosion in the through-hull and the keel-hull joint. Any large metal fittings, chain plates and keel bolts as well as the propeller are subject to galvanic corrosion. Bonding will help solve the problem. Close examination will keep the power boat parts of the hull from putting your pocketbook at risk.
While the repair of the power boat parts for the hull can be expensive, those of the keel, particularly if left undetected, can be worst. This is because of the angles, the textures and the amount of hardware attached to and placed on the deck.
Take care in examining the deck’s surface. Look for delimitation, wetness and rot. Check hatches and port lights and deck hardware. Where metal is present, examine closely the fastenings. Is there any sign of corrosion? Is everything secure? Are all the power boat’s parts firmly and safely attached?
Approach all systems in this fashion. Examine the electrical and mechanical workings of the boat in what should be part of a routine. This is what a responsible owner must do. It is never fun. It is called maintenance. Whenever you undertake a routine cleaning examine the boat closely. If you focus on even one area every time you clean or polish, expensive repairs and replacement of power boat parts may be kept to a minimum.

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