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from: So you have your eye on a new model. It’s a beauty that causes your heart to speed up every time you think of it. Its picture is in your wallet, next to those of the rest of your family. It could be a racing power boat, one of the newest Skaters. It could also be a larger, more family oriented vessel. Whatever you have chosen, there is no help for it. The old boat has to go. Financially, storage-wise and reasonably, it makes the decision to sell a good one. But where to start? How do you put your power boat up for sale?

Preparation Work
The first thing you have to do is give your boat a good cleaning. Take mop, broom, grease, spit and polish and clean it from stem to stern. A clean boat attracts more potential buyers than an unkempt one. Tidy up and remove any article of clothing, excess baggage, or any thing that is not to be there.
Remove any excess gear but don’t over-strip. Take just the gear you need for your new boat. You can add or extract the price of the gear to your asking price.
When examining the boat for excess gear, keep your eye out for any minor repairs. If they are inexpensive, do them. Do not, however, take on any major repair work or replace parts if it is going to interfere with your plan to put your power boat for sale.
It is important to know the right asking price before putting your boat up for sale. Look in the BUC Boat Price Guide. It will provide a high and low end for your power boat for sale. Next, check boating magazines for comparable boats, making sure to keep the age and condition of your power boat in mind. With these findings, go to the internet and see if there are any local examples of your power boat for sale. If there are, compare these prices to the one you plan to ask. This will ensure you are reflecting a realistic price.
There is an alternative. If you can afford it and do not have the time or expertise to spend on doing this leg work, you can always hire an appraiser. For a price, one will do all this.
Once you have a price, it is necessary to market your power boat for sale. A sign on the boat with contact numbers is a simple first step but not, usually, enough. Before placing an ad, however, you need to have a good picture or two and a clear listing of the statistics, facts and selling points of your power boat for sale. Only then, can you confidently place an ad in a newspaper or post one in a magazine, e-zine or elsewhere. You are now ready to begin.
If you have any doubt about your abilities, relax. You can turn it allover to a broker.

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