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Lake of the Ozarks boat rentals

from: One of the rare examples where human intervention has changed an area’s environment so beautifully is Lake of the Ozarks. The lake was created due to the construction of Bagnell dam which filled the valley with water. The lake is now 57,000 acres of water and 1300 miles of shoreline, beautiful scenery, boat rides, fishing and all that you could wish for in a holiday resort. Your lake of the Ozarks boat rentals will make it a vacation to remember. And getting there is also no problem as the Lake of the Ozarks is a comfortable 6-8 hour drive from cities like Omaha, Wichita, Des Moines, Peoria, Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Fishing season in the lake of Ozarks starts on the 1st January, and ends on 31 December. That is right, there is no off-season! Just take one of the lake of Ozarks boat rentals and you have access to the vast treasures of Largemouth bass, crappie, white bass, hybrid striped bass, catfish and walleye. There is such a variety that if you are not already contented with the number of black bass you got, you will have white bass to excite you. Whites are considered particularly tasty. But if it is a sporting challenge you are looking for, it will come form stripers and hybrid stripers. You may want to topple the record of 20.5 lb recorded for a hybrid striper in 1986. And to think they were stocked in the Lake of the Ozarks as late as 1980. A 91 lb blue catfish and a 111 lb paddlefish also have been caught in the lake. The paddlefish is considered a true remnant of the dinosaur age.
You can also take a Lake of the Ozarks boat rental and can do some serious bird watching. Surroundings of the lake have such a fascinating variety of birds that they are going to keep you occupied for several pleasant hours. There are great blue herons, American goldfinches, robins, hawks and ducks of many varieties, wild turkey, pectoral sandpipers, cliff swallows, whippoorwills, terns, ruby-throated hummingbirds, bobwhites, phoebes, cardinals, blue jays, wood thrushes, eastern meadowlarks, belted kingfishers, pileated woodpeckers and the turkey vulture. You can also see bald eagles and comparatively rarer Golden eagle. You can also watch the Canada geese, the white pelican and trumpeter swans as they migrate. Double crested cormorants, another beautiful bird has also been observed here sometimes in groups of 30+.
The lake of Ozarks boat rentals offer you excellent choices for your boating pleasure. The many coves, breathtaking scenery, sunsets that make you feel one with God—all invite you to take a boat and make the most of this opportunity. They come in all sizes to cater to your adventurous spirit on a ski, an evening with your family or a quite one with yourself.
Your lake of Ozarks boat rental may indeed be a houseboat for that incomparable stay as the birds wake you up and gentle waves rock you to sleep. It appears as if in the lake of Ozarks nature and men conspire to make you forget all the outside world and enjoy your stay.

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