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from: If you want a sloop-rigged sail boat, the Catalina sail boat offers you several advantages. Long considered a general-purpose or “trailer boat,” the Catalina sail boat, is a popular American-made classic. In fact, the classic Catalina designs have made their way proudly into the American Sailboat Hall of Fame.

The Catalina sail boat is a keel or centerboard sail boat. It holds its own with the best of American 30-foot cruising yachts.
What makes the Catalina sail boat so popular? Several things sway buyers to take home these classic-lined cruisers. Foremost is its adaptability. The Catalina can be used as a daytripper but also fits several people in its cabin for longer off-shore and long-distance voyages. The Catalina sail boat is more than adept at taking you, your crew and passengers along the shore and across the bay; on picnics and on voyages.
Its structure of a full fiberglass hull lining, large primary winch and two secondary winches, stainless steel mooring cleats, stainless steel binnacle compasses lined anchor lockers, fin or wing lead keels, fully batten mains with Dutchman Flaking systems, ball bearing blocks and complete engine instrumentation adds to its popularity. These features, being included as a standard features for many of the models of the Catalina sail boat.
The interior appeals to buyers in a number of ways. It is designed on most crafts to supply lots of room. People can sleep easily in and on a Catalina sail boat. Although these sloop-rigged sail boats vary in length from eight to 47 feet, all are designed with a large cabin interior. In addition, the interior is made of real wood, ash or teak. It thus is more easily repaired than stained pseudo-wood or mystery wood materials. Door frames are just one element of this all wood interior puzzle.
The Catalina sail boat is also about comfort to its occupants. Water heaters with the capacity to ensure 11 to 20 gallons of hot water are a warming feature, handy when you have a family’s needs to attend. It is also why the Catalina has included large refrigerators, ample ovens, double stainless steel sinks, window shades, real shower stalls, and mattress with innersprings to supply support and comfort. These are usually included as standard features not for additional costs.
Plenty of storage is another feature of the Catalina sail boat. It has 14 built in drawers to safely store gear and any thing else away. In some cruisers, there is only one drawer to satisfy this purpose.
One final factor consistently makes the Catalina a popular choice - its resale value. According to many owners and retailers, the Catalina sail boat offers the best resale value of any American sail boat.

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