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from: You could see them everywhere. In old movies a young child was sailing one on a small pond or down a creek, cheering it on as it raced against another small toy sail boat or merrily floated down the stream. They were often found as part of the bath time routine – floating right next to the rubber ducky.

The toy sail boat has long been a part of childhood. For some, this was their very first sail boat. These toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Toy stores advertise wooden bath tub toy sail boats and sell rubber and plastic ones. You can find ones that appeal to very small children; others are directed towards the older set. All are meant to appeal to a child’s sense of wonder, fun and exploration. They also make water, whether in a bath tub, stream, pond or lake a less scary element.
Besides the manufactured or artisan crafted toy sail boats, are those models made on craft days. Mothers on rainy, creative baby sitters, teachers of kindergarten classes and instructors at day camps and crafty camps have, at one time or another, taught their charges the basics of making a sail boat.
Toy sail boats are as simple to make as you wish. They can be formed by taking molding clay, shaping it into a simple boat-shape and sticking a straw into it. A sail made of paper or bits of cloth is then attached.
A more sophisticated way for a child to build a toy sail boat involves glue and sticks. Take several craft sticks, or even recycled popsicle sticks. Using a glue gun – if older children are involved, or craft glue for the younger ones, let them attach several pieces together to create a wide, flat surface. These sticks will form the basis of the hull of the sail boat. Let it sit to dry or harden.
Next, let them select a thin piece of wood. This could be a pencil, a shish-kebob stick, a skewer or even a wooden needle. In any case, it must be tall, but not overpoweringly so. If necessary, break or cut the stick. Using the glue, once again, attach the stick to the centre of the hull. Standing tall and straight, it is to represent the mast of the toy sail boat. It is to this you will next hoist the sail.
The sail of this toy sail boat can be made of any material that resembles the genuine article. Paper, cloth or plastics are all possible choices. A variety of colors can be chosen. Once this is done, you can seal the entire boat. After it has dried be prepared to set to sea.
Making a toy sail boat can be fun. It can also involve teaching someone the principles of sailing and introduce them to terms they might one day use when they have their own sail boat.

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