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from: It’s evening. The sun is slowly sinking into the sea, its light bounces off the water in a myriad of colors. In just a short while, the moon is shining high above, its cold orb reflected back by the deep waters of the bay. It is a summer evening – the perfect time to take a sail boat cruise.

It is a simple matter to arrange a sail boat cruise. Book the trip in advance through an agent ( to avoid disappointment), pick up the tickets and, on the day specified, check in on board. From then on, the rudiments of sailing are out of your hand. You are there to enjoy yourself; the rest is up to the competent crew.
How intimate the experience will be is dependent upon the size of the sail boat. Some are 38 footers, others 57’, still others as large as 90 feet. They are schooners, yachts, ketches, catamarans and sloops. Some are meant to cater to only a few passengers; others are intended to provide more people with a grander sense of a sail boat cruise.
As well as a difference in size, there are a variety of sail boat cruises to be had in port towns. In New York, California, Mexico, Florida and the Islands sunset cruises, dinner sailboats, and full moon evening sails are common if seasonal. Some places offer cruises along water fronts or sail out to various landmarks and along the shoreline. As part of the day time or daytrip experience, the companies may include such activities as snorkeling, diving, swimming and fishing.
Europe, New Zealand and Australia also provide the chance to take a sail boat cruise. You can sail across the Mediterranean, feeling like one of the early Greek traders. It is an excellent means of seeing a different side to a new country, of gaining a new perspective. It can make a vacation memorable in more ways than one.
In fact, some sail boat cruises are not island hops, coastal cruises or sunset viewing. There are a few sail boats that are equipped to take you on a sail boat cruise that will last days, rather than hours. These are boatswith several cabins for roomy accommodations, more than one head (bathroom), and various amenities, including satellite television, VCR/DVD players, CD players, Radios, cell phones, air conditioning and heating. Such sail boats have ice makers and barbecues. They provide fishing equipment, surfboards, kayaks and other means of providing entertainment to the passengers.

Below decks, there is accommodation for a crew made up of a seasoned skipper and professional cook. Those who run this type of sail boat cruise, know the waters and their market. It is an alternative worth considering, but don’t ignore the short-term, exhilarating and oft-times romantic offering of the sunset or full moon sail boat cruise.

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