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from: This beautiful boat is a cruiser, not a racer. A recreational sail boat, the Hunter sail boat’s size can range from nine to 47 feet. A North American boat, it can be easily single-handed, but is not adverse to two people working it. Its lauders call it fast, maneuverable, good looking and light weight in comparison to others in its class.

As a cruiser, the Hunter sail boat can be used for daysailing or mini-cruising. It can sail you to the islands or hang out in the harbor. It has, generally, plenty of space in its cabin for over night comfort. Even the smaller versions have V-berth and an aft cabin. Some of the latest models - even the smaller sail boats - feature amenities common to larger cruisers. Microwaves, freezers as well as fridges, an enormous enclosed head with privacy possible, large state rooms and an airy salon are becoming common place upon the Hunter sail boat.
The key word in most models seems to be innovation. One series of Hunter sail boats, the mid-sized cruiser, features a cantilevered table designed to move up and down or to rotate outwards. This makes access to the settee behind it an easy task. In the same model, the cockpit has what can be referred to as “ergonomic seating” with the helm similarly designed to work for and not against its occupants.
The signature of the Hunter sail boat is the “B and R rig.” In this system of rig-staying the need for a back-stay is frequently eliminated. Instead of backstays, the Hunter may have swept back spreaders and mast struts. The mast, overall, carries less weight. These aspects make a high roach (the back end of the mainsail projecting beyond a straight line between the clew and head) mainsail possible. It also increases self-tacking of the mainsail. As a result, some Hunter sail boats function well with a huge mainsail.
In addition, the Hunter sail boat can have a small head (fore) sail, creating it highly operable for a one-person crew. The sail and rig feature includes another innovative feature: the mast raising system. This, again, facilitates the putting up of the mast by a single person without excessive difficulty.
Another feature is a large, high aspect rudder and a stability inducing water ballast system. Together with the sail and rig formation, it makes for ease in sailing.
What is a particularly attractive feature of the Hunter sail boat is its trailerability. The mast raising and the easily emptied ballast systems provide the owner with a trailerable sail boat. The Hunter sail boat can be put on a custom trailer pulled by even the smaller vehicles. Overall, it is easy to trailer from home to bay, a veritable snap to launch and set up and, most importantly, a joy to sail.

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