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from: Stability, lightness, speed and power, an all together “snappy” boat is the catamaran sail boat. A catamaran owes these qualities to a double hull. This makes it lighter and, therefore, faster. This is one of the many advantages of the catamaran sail boat.

The boat’s name originates in India, the name from the Tamil words kattu (to tie) and maram (wood or tree) but its current shape or design owes much to the South Pacific. It is a boat with an ancient lineage. The Polynesians used the catamaran sail boat to settle far off islands. The English remarked upon the boat and its usage, but it was not manufactured as a viable craft until centuries later.
Since then, Europeans, Australians and Americans have adopted and adapted the catamaran sail boat to produce what is now considered one of the fastest growing segments of the sail boating industry.
The reasons for this growing popularity of the catamaran sail boat lies, mainly, with its multi-hull. The wider beam provides the boat with a stability sometimes lacking in mono-hulls. This means the sail is more likely to stay upright in a gust of wind. As a result, another benefit is that the catamaran sail boat draws more power from the wind than a mono-hull while avoiding heeling (leaning) over.
The catamaran sail boat lacks a keel counterweight. With out it, a catamaran is lighter. It does not lose out in its performance on the water, particularly in moderate or light wind conditions. Its hull slaps up and down in what is called a “snappy” action on the waves, creating a distinct motion.
In the proper conditions, the catamaran sail boat has a higher than average speed. This is especially true in coastal waters. Here, where the beaches and bays provide shelter, conditions produce the right type of waves for maximum speed for this multi-hulled craft.
Beside speed, the catamaran sail boat has practical advantages.The sail boat’s shoal draft provides the catamaran sail boat with easy beaching. You can stash the boat ashore easily at low tide for maintenance or moor it in a shallow harbor. Yet, the catamaran sail boat can also be put on a trailer for portage or relocation. It may, however, because of the size have to be canted to remove any possible transportation violations or problems.
Overall, the catamaran sail boat is good for day sailors, and long distance cruising. Its variance in size provides a wide variety of choice within a consistent offering of speed, stability and comfort. Under ideal conditions, the catamaran sail boat is a perfect delight to sail.

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