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From jet skis to yachts to passenger cruise ships and used boats, you can bid on it all. There are bank repossessions, foreclosures, government seized vessels and brokerage boats.
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The waves sensuously lap alongside the sailboat. The wind whispers among the sails. Imagine getting away from it all fleeing into a world of blue skies and even bluer water. Take an ordinary event and make it unique; a special occasion and turn it into something unforgettable. A wedding, picnic, gathering of friends, a vacation - all can become memorable when you make a sail boat an integral part of the package.

You don’t have to own a boat. There are sail boat charters all across North America waiting to be selected. The possibilities are bounded only by bodies of water and your desire. Sail in the waters of the Caribbean or around the Virgin Islands. On Spring break check out the Florida Keys and the waters near Miami. Michigan City, San Francisco, Cape Cod, Long Island Sound and the Bahamas are just a few of the many places offering you a chance at a sail boat charter.
There are advantages to taking advantage of sail boat charters. A sail boat can accommodate your dreams as well as your pocket book. A charter is less expensive than owning a boat, involves less maintenance on your part - the owners usually take care of these matters, and provides a unique experience.

Sail boat charters also come with options. The experienced sailor can charter a vessel without a crew. The less experienced sailor can choose a crewed sail boat. A sail boat charter is also an excellent way for a neophyte to try different types of sailboats. In this way, he or she can discover the boat best suited for personal usage.

There are, however, a number of factors to consider when considering hiring a sailboat charter. Of primary concern is the size of the group. In sail boat charters size does matter. A yacht or schooner holds more people than a bare boat catamaran. It also requires more crew to sail it.

Is it to be used for a short or long-term? Is it for a wedding, honeymoon, vacation, picnic or an ocean or coastal cruise? If you plan to take several people for a long cruise out into the ocean for more than a brief visit then you will have to consider not only size but accommodations and bathroom facilities. Does the ship have washrooms and bedrooms? Are there enough for your guests, family, relatives or friends? How comfortable or luxurious do they need to be? It is wise to check ahead to determine the boat you are acquiring can handle the demands of both its passengers and crew.

What time of year do you plan to book this sail boat charter? During peak season may ensure pleasant weather for sailing, but you might have to book well in advance to get the charter you want. Some companies offer less expensive sail boat charters in the off season.

As is the case with all vacations - remember to plan ahead.

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