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From jet skis to yachts to passenger cruise ships and used boats, you can bid on it all. There are bank repossessions, foreclosures, government seized vessels and brokerage boats.
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´╗┐Living on the Water: HouseBoat Sales

from: Imagine yourself in a mansion, floating on the water. Luxuries abound within and the view changes as you wish. That is the image of a houseboat. For those that love the water and wish to spend days at a time cruising through beautiful water the houseboat is the only way to go. There are boat dealers that specialize in houseboat sales and can help you find your home away from home. The amenities are comparable to a house and the facilities that they have. These boats have sleeping arrangements, cooking equipment, small bathrooms equipped with toilets and showers.

There are many houseboat sales companies that carry a wide range of houseboats. Depending on your budget and intentions you can spend thousands to hundreds of thousands on a houseboat. Those that choose to spend the majority of their time on the water typically purchase a houseboat that is reliable and capable of accommodating them plus a few guests. Many of the individuals enjoy putting on parties and having get together on their house boat, so they spend a lot of money in order to fulfill their needs.
Cruising the waterways and spending days fishing, nature watching and basking in the sun is a dream to many people. For those that can afford to purchase a houseboat these dreams can come true. But you need not be rich or famous to enjoy living on the water. The house boat sales company can assist you with choosing the correct boat, license, financing and all the other equipment for your house boat. Houseboats just like other boats come with different equipment and amenities. These additional luxuries are available in most cases if the budget allows.
A great deal of the house boat sales companies have in house financing that can assist with your purchase. Often times these companies offer great interest rate and good terms. It is much easier to make the purchase through the in house financing because the finance company is familiar with the boating industry. A traditional bank may be more skeptical or take longer to get your new boat financed.
If you are looking for that ever changing view, serene surroundings and nature at its best you may truly want to consider a houseboat. Granted you may want to keep your house in the city, but a weekend get a way on the water may be very nice. No phones, pagers or neighbors looking over the fence to see what your doing. You are a part of nature when on the water, just you and the marine animals! House boat sales can be found in just about every area of the nation and most dealers can special order a house boat if requested.

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