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River Boat Tours


River boat tours are an excellent way to explore the city around you but what most people do not realize is that there are actually two different kinds of river boat tours.

The first type of river boat tour is probably the one that most people think of. This type of tour usually occurs on something similar to a steamboat and is nice on a sunny, relaxing afternoon. On a steamboat, tour riders can take in their surroundings and even walk around on the boat to socialize or see other areas of the river.

The second type of river boat tour takes place on a jet boat. These river boat tours are for the more adventure minded individual. These boats go extremely fast and are fun, but the downside is you are not able to fully take in the river tour experience.

You can generally find river boat tours near larger cities and/or cities that border a large river, such as the Mississippi River. River boat tours in large cities usually will take you around the city and show you several landmarks. The duration of the cruise will depend on the city you are in and the landmarks you choose to see. For example, The Circle Line in New York City offers several tours that last between 75 minutes to 3 hours. Of course the 3 hour tour will explore more landmarks and more areas of the city than the 75 minute tour. The price of a river boat tour will depend on several things including whether food is included or not, the length of the tour, day tour versus a night tour, and of course the river boat tour company.

River boat tours in your city or a city you plan to vacation in can be found by doing an internet search. An example of a good search phrase would be “river boat tours New York City”. Another place to look for river boat tours would be the Parks and Recreation website for the state you are in or plan to visit. Many times these sites contain a link that offers information on activities to do within your area.

If you do not have time to look up a river boat tour prior to leaving on vacation, pick up a coupon book at the state’s visitors center or the airport. These coupon books will generally have information regarding the tours as well as coupons that will give you a discount. It does not matter whether you are interested in river boat tours that enable you relax or tours that make you feel the wind blowing through your hair, river boat tours are an excellent way to spend the afternoon.

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