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Air Boat Swamp Tours of New Orleans


From a tourism perspective, there is plenty to see and do in New Orleans. Air boat swamp tours of New Orleans are among the most popular attractions among tourists and locals alike. From exploring the bayous of Louisiana to seeing the local wildlife in their element or going on a plantation tour, air boat swamp tours of New Orleans are an exhilarating way of seeing local scenery.

Be prepared for a thrill during the high-speed sections. Most air boat swamp tour of New Orleans boats travel at up to 40 mph…it might not seem like much, but when the boat is small, it is another story altogether. To allow passengers to enjoy the thrill of an airboat ride and still enjoy all that the local scenery has to offer, most air boat swamp tours New Orleans are half high-speed thrill ride and half tour. Airboats most often seat between 6 and 20 people, with options available to suit tour groups of all sizes. The main advantage of riding on a smaller boat with less people is the opportunity to see parts of the local landscape that are just inaccessible to large, crowded boats. During the high-speed parts of the tour, you will definitely get wet. Make sure you bring a towel (at the very least) and/or a change of clothes. It’s recommended that you bring a camera or camcorder to capture some of the amazing footage during the slower parts of the trip; be sure that they are stored safely in a waterproof case when not being used, as tour boat companies take no responsibility for damage incurred.

Air boat swamp tours of New Orleans let passengers get up close and personal with local flora and fauna, and enjoy the breathtaking local scenery. Highlights include: Alligators, owls, turtles, hawks, eagles and other creatures. Passengers might witness hawks searching for prey, or even get a close-up visit from a baby alligator. Tour guides are familiar with local fauna, and will offer guests information as well as pointing out anything of interest. The swamp areas around New Orleans are resplendent with a wide variety of trees and other plants that make beautiful photo opportunities. These include cypress trees, weeping willows, mangroves, Spanish moss and many others.

Taking one of the many air boat swamp tours of New Orleans on offer is a memorable way to enjoy parts of the region you might not otherwise have seen. The combination of touring and high-speed boat travel allows you to let your hair down, while at the same time marvelling at the scenery on display.

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